12 Romaine Lettuce

​Pat. US 6,919,032;,US 7,493,906 Other patents pending


4 lb Shrimp

12 lb  Grapes

                                            SaniChill Mini System


4" x 18" x 26" Colander

230 Cherry Tomatoes


                                                                                                 A study and testing performed on the  System at the University of Georgia, Department of

                                                                                                 Food Science and Technology under the direction of Dr. Yen-Con Hung, a world-renowned

                                                                                                 scientist and expert on food safety  was peer reviewed and published in the July 2016 issue

                                                                                                 of the Journal of Food Science. The tests demonstrated a strong antimicrobial effect and the

                                                                                                 ability to inactivate bacteria internalized in the stomata (breathing apertures) and the folded

                                                                                                 leaves of iceberg and romaine lettuce, achieving a reduction of E. coli 0157:H7 by

                                                                                                5 log (99.999%).

The design of the models provide the consumer with a visual experience of their foods being sprayed with super oxygenated chilled water, vapor and the blue glow of germicidal UV light, demonstrating that their foods are being treated with the most advanced and effective sanitizing process in the industry.  Traditional ineffective soaking or submersion methods in water allows for the possibility of internalization of bacteria within produce.  In addition, the level of the applied sanitizer decreases drastically in the submersion tank or sink due to the organic residues and cell exudates of the product. 

The SANICHILLmodel that incorporates the System provides an automated touch and go sanitizing cycle for various food products that sprays 40-degree super oxygenated water and vapor exposed to germicidal UV light in an enclosed treatment zone.  The system auto backwashes, purges particulates and uses less than 1 quart of process water per cycle.

The SANICHILL™ and TrueWash models that incorporate the patented System provides a user - friendly process that sanitizes food products close to the plate. The models reduce water consumption by 90 % as compared to traditional processing and rinsing methods and provides an automated chemical - free organic process that removes up to 99.999% of harmful pathogens and pesticides such as E. coli and organophosphates on various food products. Although a series of safety protocols are essential in the supply chain, the last line of defense is a validated "TREAT BEFORE YOU EAT" process at the serving establishment or the consumer's home. The design of the System is scalable to meet various throughput requirements at any point along the chain of distribution or consumption.  


Sanist employs meters from Solarmeter and Forensics Detectors to verify the UVC intensity and O3 concentration of our systems. The meters are calibrated to NIST Traceable Sources that gives the upmost confidence in data reliability and ensures our systems are hitting the correct concentrations. 

35 Space Product Support Grid


Sanist Technologies, LLC, a R&D company, was formed by Terry Mulgrew its President and CEO to develop advanced processing techniques to solve food safety and quality problems.  After consulting with Dr. Eskil Karlson, a partner at Bio Reduction Systems and successfully initiating the approval process with the EPRI for ozone to contact food products, several consumer and commercial prototypes were developed that followed a phased approach that was driven by detailed descriptions of prototypic users. Rothwell, Figg, Ernst and Manbeck, P.C. developed the IP protection strategies for the first U.S.  patented "Advanced Sanitizing System" that is incorporated into the design of today's models. The FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) implemented in 2011 granted the FDA expansive powers to protect the nation's food supply. The act shifts the FDA's regulatory focus from reacting to food contamination to prevention.  Proven processes that produce a strong antimicrobial effect must be utilized in the production, manufacture and preparation of various food products.

​In 2014 Sanist developed an industry first, university validated Advanced Sanitizing System for consumer and commercial use that provides a quantum leap in capabilities as compared to traditional sanitizing processes. The System incorporates a patented organic partial vacuum / pressure non-thermal process in an enclosed atmosphere that combines chilled water, vapor, germicidal UV light and activated oxygen that is FDA approved for food contact. The TrueWash model is a countertop appliance developed for the consumer and the SANICHILL™ model was developed for the food service industry.​​