World Health


According to the World Health Organization, it estimates that globally, at least 1.8 billion people use a contaminated drinking-water source and by 2025 half of the world’s population will be living in water-stressed areas due to climate change, increasing water scarcity, population growth, demographic changes and urbanization.

Contaminated water can transmit diseases such diarrhea, cholera,

dysentery and typhoid. Diarrhea is the most widely known disease

linked to contaminated food and water, causing 502,000 deaths

each year. With access to improved water sources, deaths from

diarrhea of 361,000 children under the age of 5 could be avoided


The TrueWash combines the latest technologies with precise engineering and a customer-friendly interface to make sanitizing food and water, safe, easy and environmentally responsible. The process minimizes harmful contaminants from food products, extends the shelf life of fruits and vegetables and saves valuable water from being washed down the drain. Not only does the process clean your foods, it also cleans the water it uses. Operating on 45 watts of power and 16 ounces of water, the system can be operated anywhere in the world by a small, solar-charged power supply.

The system incorporated into the TrueWash  provides a wide spectrum of benefits for families and communities around the globe that have contaminated or limited water sources. Safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use or food preparation.